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Precordial Catch Syndrome (general)

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2 years ago


The pain of precordial catch syndrome normally occurs when the people are taking rest, such as when you bending over and in a slouched position. The pain of precordial chest pain is to report a stabbing pain in the chest when you breathe. This pain often occurs below the left nipple.

This pain usually occurs for a short time between the seconds or 3 minutes. Precordial catch syndrome pain can happen once a day or many times throughout the day. Precordial catch pain makes worse by deep breathing, but it may not cause any issue in this area.

This chest pain may not spread to the areas of the chest, like a heart attack pains. The pain of the precordial catch syndrome acts differently according to the people’s age, height, and weight. Some of the peoples experience annoying and dull pain in their chest.

While some people experience intense pain in there’s chest, that can cause blurriness in the vision and momentary vision loss. The precordial catch syndrome pain can cover only one or two fingertips areas and it also completely goes away suddenly without any syndromes.

The people who are experiencing the precordial syndrome are not notes any other symptoms or physical changes in their bodies. The pulse rate and rhythm will be normal in the people who experience these pains. But sometimes they feel lightheaded from prolonged, while the shallow breathing.

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